Online Learning

Welcome to Online Piano and Music Theory Lessons! 

Since our mission is to share our love of music with the next generation in whatever way we can at Key Sounds UK we’re offering you the opportunity to learn the Piano and/or Music Theory online under the direction of Reshmi Patel. 

Reshmi has been a musician for over ten years and is dedicated to supporting and guiding musicians all over the world. 

How do the lessons work?

We have chosen to conduct our music lessons over Zoom. This way we can screen share any relevant videos and music theory content with the student.

Who are the lessons for? 

Our lessons are suited for both children and adults. 

We teach absolute beginners, intermediate and advanced Pianists and Music Theory students. 

What will I require? 

Piano Lesson – you will require a good internet connection, a mobile/tablet or laptop and a keyboard or piano. 

Music Theory Lesson – you will require a good internet connection, a mobile/tablet or laptop, writing pad and a pencil case. 

How can I get started? 

If you’re interested in learning music online, please leave us an enquiry through the link below and we’ll get back you with the necessary information needed to proceed. 


Udemy Courses

We also have a range of online courses and revision material available over at Udemy!
What They’re Saying

My daughter absolutely loves piano lessons with Reshmi and looks forward to her lessons every week. Reshmi is very professional and knows how to engage with kids. We thank Reshmi for all her efforts and highly recommend her services!

Aparna Moorthy

Reshmi is a very patient and encouraging teacher. My daughter loves her lessons. We took part in a Zoom Call lesson which went very well. We thank Reshmi for organising online lessons.’

Jaya Pindoria-Halai

The video interaction, video quality and teaching was brilliant. I was amazed at how organised she had been planning for the session with the appropriate materials to support the online learning experience. The virtual lessons gave my son a chance to focus on theory and worksheet activities which I have no doubt will help going forwards.

Sejal Patel